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Giveaways by Will Engel (23)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
xdogps Mark- Pickett 9
lylksr Roy- Walker 8
qitloj Turley- Stroud Pink 12
euvlgo Flash- Conner- Genny 7
cffwzs Touchstone- Dak Check 9
dbscfg Roy Smith- Chase 9
uryjim Touchstone-Tlaw-Emitt 7
zfzufk Test 3
vrhyzx Logan Dowler- Chase 10
bckphu Dowler-Landon- Eagles 7
scmjau Mays- MTC- No Huddle 6
trrvhu Mays-mini 6
lryvor Montana- C Game- Rd 5 9
jiaavx Montana C-Game Rd 4 9
xchhqj Montana C Game Rd 3 9
fehnzm C Game Montana Rd 2 9
nnuynu CGame Montana 9
epubgp TCT- Steven- Flash 7
bmiocb Logan- Soriano Flash 10
pdcxkn Matt Landon- Hurts 8
ipuolo Flash-TCT/Steven 14
qyedwl Jean- Herbie Giveaway 12
atnoll Steven Strickland- Fields 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —